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Seth Adkins


Full Name:  Seth Adkins
Birth Date:  October 30th, 1989
Resides:  Los Angeles, California
Height:  5' 7" (162.56cm)
Weight:  148 lbs.
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:  Brown
Siblings:  Two brothers, Zachary (31), and Josh (28)
Grade Level:  College Sophomore
Favorite Classes:  Psychology, Math
Future Schooling:  Let's see how college goes
Sports:  Basketball, football, golf, and skiing
Teams:  Broncos and Lakers
Athletes:  Ed McCaffery
Music/Bands:  Country - all Garth Brooks songs and The Beatles
Movies:  "Saving Private Ryan"
Actors:  Drew Carey and Meryl Streep
Books:  "Call It Courage"
Hobbies:  Getting outside to play
Games:  Nintendo 64 - Madden 2001, and PS2
Foods:  Chicken strips
Colors:  Blue and orange
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How do I contact Seth? Can I request an autograph?
The best way to contact Seth is through his message board, where he reads and replies to messages often! You can also write a letter to Seth at the address listed below. If you wish to request an autograph from Seth, please send a self addressed and stamped 9x11 envelope (if you are in a country other than the United States, please include an International Reply Coupon) to the address below. This will help expedite the process and get the autograph to you more quickly! Seth Adkins C/O Kids With A Cause 10736 Jefferson Blvd. #401 Culver City, CA. 90230


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